Jamones Casa Domingo

About our facilities

The Shop
Jamones Casa Domingo opened its shop in Calamocha to the public in 1974. It is open 14 hours a day every day of the year. This shop has allowed the Casa Domingo products to become well known throughout Spain. In addition to the products made under this brand, you can also find a wide variety of products chosen for their quality, all related to the world of quality food and wine.

Our best recommendation is the more than 2,000 customers currently using Casa Domingo. These are spread across Spain and include private customers and professionals from the world of food service and distribution.

Order Preparation Centre
We have facilities designed to prepare your orders as quickly as possible, from one unit to as many as are required, and we guarantee that with our extensive stock of products and the speed with which we prepare orders we can deliver to any point in Spain within 24 to 48 hours.

Production and drying plant 
The new Jamones Casa Domingo production plant opened in 2002.
The plant has all the latest technologies and the highest quality systems for temperature and humidity control, so guaranteeing our customers the greatest possible degree of control in the handling of raw materials.

We also have a natural drying room in the cellar, where we achieve the uniform curing of our hams and cold meats, respecting the traditional production methods when creating Casa Domingo products.
We have the following sections within our facilities in the Agrifood Complex in Calamocha:
- A totally separate section for the production and conversion into sausages of pork loin and cold meats.
- Section for slicing and packing products.os.
- Chamber for salting, post-salting, drying and storage.